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About Alexandra

Your neighbour, your advocate

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Alexandra is a wife, mother, farmer and small business owner 

I grew up in Alberta before obtaining my Juris Doctor degree from UCLA School of Law, where I was Managing Editor of the UCLA Law Review. I practiced law in Los Angeles for a few years prior to returning to my hometown of Calgary to start my career in the energy sector, working in land and legal departments for several years.  In 2013, I and my husband John founded a successful end to end supply chain company, which services energy producers and service providers across Canada and internationally. 

My family and I moved to Kelowna a decade ago to pursue our dream of owning and operating a family farm, and for a few years we sold organically grown, non-GMO produce, both at our farm gate and the Kelowna Farmers’ Market.   As a business owner and farmer, I am very aware of the challenges and red tape that small businesses face, and I believe that it is time to remove harmful and onerous legislation that is hampering our economy,  as well as affecting British Columbia’s food security and farm succession planning.

As a mother, I am also keenly aware of the issues facing our youth today, and strongly agree with the Conservative Party’s platform in supporting parents’ educational choices, removing ideology from the classroom and protecting free speech.  As a healthcare patient who has had to seek treatment in other countries due to delays and lack of treatment options in Canada, I have witnessed firsthand the inefficiencies and bureaucracy that plague our current medical system, and I am eager to support changes that will help every British Columbian access better healthcare with more collaborative, and innovative, medical options. 

I am very involved with local politics and, in 2023, spearheaded a campaign that successfully opposed the City of Kelowna’s attempted industrial rezoning of a golf course located on environmentally sensitive lands.  I am very concerned about the power that local governments have in silencing their citizens, and I believe that the best government is one that gives power to the people to determine their future.

My interest in legislation and policy was first sparked in law school, where I was keenly interested in social justice, and volunteered on several projects advising on legislative interpretation and intent.  I intend to use that experience, in conjunction with my work experience of negotiating contracts, mitigating client risks and advising on strategy, in advocating for my constituents. 

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter and many furry companions on our farm in Kelowna.  I am also very involved in the local equestrian community, and I love to spend time with these sensitive and intelligent animals.


I am really excited to be part of a grassroots movement to bring common sense back to BC.  It is heartening to feel the optimism and enthusiasm surrounding the BC Conservative Party and this electoral campaign, and to be able to offer a real choice to voters in this year’s election.  I encourage all of you to educate yourselves on the issues and become involved in our campaign.  As Plato once said, ‘One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.’

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